Party Caricatures – Events

If you're looking for something to add that extra sparkle to your event or special occasion Party Caricatures awaits!

People love people, and people love watching caricatures being drawn; either of themselves, or someone else... it really is superb entertainment! Caricatures are fun, fresh and flexible.

Whether its Live Digital Ipad caricatures or drawn live by hand they are suitable for weddings, engagement parties, christenings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, university occasions, Christmas parties, barbecues, club functions, drink receptions, summer balls & charity occasions, special occasions, parties...

Caricatures are suitable for all manner of event, whatever the occasion.

Each of one my caricatures is truly unique, much like the people that I draw.

Rest assured, there will be roaring laughter the whole event through, with everyone leaving thoroughly entertained - taking with them a special keepsake that will keep laughter going forever!

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